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Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman! 
Ahlan wa Sahlan

With its rich heritage, diverse landscapes of craggy mountain ranges, warm blue waters, and stark deserts, Oman offers a glimpse into a past, seemingly bygone, while still embracing the modern, and all her trappings. The Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Muscat International Airport, free entry visa for many nationalities, its range of world-class hotels, and other necessary infrastructure in place, all paired with an adventure-conducive landscape, rich cultural heritage, and the renowned hospitality of the Omani people all factor together to make Oman the ideal MICE destination. 

Uncomplicate the process, let go of the stress of managing a big group with complex logistical needs, and trust our management team, which has over 30 years of experience conducting MICE and Destination Management travel in both Oman and the UAE. 

We conceive, are flexible & creative, and experts in Incentive Travel to Oman. Our decades of experience have enabled us to understand the needs and requirements of your clients, while also having the expertise to anticipate those they might not be aware of. With us, you will have access to exclusive venues and experiences, tailor-made programs, and end-to-end unmatched service.  

Oman is our home. Her traditions, values, and ancient soul are steeped in our own.  Let us help you uncover her wonder with exemplary execution.

Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman with Oasis Incentives as your preferred local partner.

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